Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some LO's finally & some good news........
Wow finally got my butt into gear & done some wedding LO's for my album....Gee its been forever since ive scrapped, think mojo is back.Thank goodness
Well the lake over from home is looking absolutely awesome, will post some pics up soon of it & of the works we've done around pool, thats coming along good...
First bit of news is Pauls back to work next week, omg that has been one hell of a test for us, Its been along 5 months mentally & physically for us both....Lets hope his shoulder holds up..the 1st few weeks he will just go with PK, get back into the swing of it..
Next bit of news is my lil Sis is expecting her 6th child, yes 6...glad its her lol. she is due right on when they chose to get married so who knows what will happen there, just as we purchased out bridesmaid dresses a few weeks back....
Next bit of news is my eldest boy has applied at the mines for a job happen,be good if that happens...
Anyway best go & cook tea
Have a great working week & thanks for stopping by
Cheers, Cass

l done this LO for Pauls parents

This 1 is for my frame...umm 9 more to go

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We are so so spoilt......
Look what we have right over the rd from us now.......yes water & plenty of it....Its amazing & heaps of fun going done there & mucking around...We are going to get a biscuit to put behind boat, they are awesome fun..
I remember when we brought this house so many ppl said you will never in this life time see water in that lake again, but if you did your house would be worth heaps, well we r so lucky to have the water & yep the real estate said whatever your house was valued at before there was water well now theres water add on a hundred thousand to your property.....Dont care much we aint going nowhere.....The serenity is to awesome..
Well back to work tomorrow, did have a great time off although i did do a few kms going to melb then ballarat then albury a cple times, was good to catch up with my bro & his family & my sister & her family...
Pauls still out of work & its just wait & see if he needs surgery still, he may not go back till feb even maybe march, but we are getting there slowly.
Anyway havent done any scrapping ummm ive really lost the mojo, maybe it will come back one day
Anyway thanks for stopping by
Have a great working week
The neighbours helicopter....we befriended these ppl lol.

Paul, Al & Tidia

Paul just relaxing

OOps over they go

Nu & Tidia
Some lucky bugga out on there wave runner

Funny face time with the nephews Beau & Jake

Paul with the boys still pulling faces

Jamie,Ray,Coby,Ari & Gemma.....My sisters kids

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some work Break up Xmas Pics to share.....
Had our work break up on Thursday arvo, what a great day/night it was..We got home at 11 pm, had a absoulte ball & got some great pics.
I have got nearly 2 weeks of so thats nice,unwind abit & just relax is what l have in mind.
Went to the inlaws for xmas, wow talk about putting on a feast, we couldnt eat tea..
Going to Ballarat on Tuesday for a cple days then over to Albury for the day to see my Sis & her family, so thats going to be nice to catch up...
Cheys at Jamieson until next Sat as she has a whole week of work, so she is wrapt & the boys are of to their Dads for a few days, Umm abit of time with just Paul so thats going to be nice to...
I hope you all had a fantastic xmas & you all have a happy & safe new year, dont no what we are doing for new year yet...
Anyway stay safe