Monday, July 19, 2010

Some LO's to share........
Done these LO's ages ago when l had heaps of time on my hands lol, havent done any ATC's or scrapping since l started my new winter job...ummm early hours, long days but woohhooo bloody good coin & thats what l want....was gunna back 2 like cafe work over winter but for the pissy pay you get per hour it aint worth it......They r good ppl to work for, other workers r great & they look after you & they have asked me to come back next winter....think l will.....theres a few ppl there that only do this job then have summer of..
Booked our honeymoon the other day, we are of to Palm Cove for 7 nights, cant wait just to get away, then we are going to try & take kids to Perth in Jan for a week, lve got this deal where we have got return air tickets but u have to stay somewhere for 7 nights, so half the battle is won with having air tickets already....
My harley that l brought a cple months back is up 4 sale, had a few bites & have got a bloke coming from qld on thurs to have a look at it, l luv the bike, it rides awesome, luv the color just dont feel right as my feet dont touch the ground flat....umm got abit of time to shop around & get what will suit me...
My sis is coming down next week.....wooohooo cant wait...
I didnt get the accounts assisant job at shire but thats ok think l wouldve wasted time trying to get my foot in the door....the hrs were only 6 hrs & no guarentee of more, so was glad when they rung me & said sorry you didnt get it....
Anyway best get going & get into town to pick up my boy
thanks for stopping by
LO of craig having a snooze on the plane

LO of chey & Emm

Lo of me & ray & chey
LO of me & rob at willowlake

LO of my lil nephew jamie

LO of chey & her freinds having a night out with gretta 4 tea

LO of bev & l having a muck around photo shoot at willowlake

Lo of coll & cobin....this is for coll