Friday, July 31, 2009

My ATC's for Aug for family & friends swap.the theme was set from Vick & she chose buttons & lace, wow l did curse her saying to myself yeah rite buttons & lace......sure...
Anyway quite happy with the end result. Thanks for the challenge vick,as it sure was one.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wooohooooooooo I got to meet Shell & Lexie
Went to Kath's Friday night for a class & Shell was doing the classes.
Wohoo great class,great fun,great people.Will post LO's we done there when lve got sunlight to take pics. Pauly & l stayed over for the night at a motel sure was looking forward to getting home though,ummm got home to a brrrrrrrr freezing home,cows were out of the paddock so l was rounding them up,chasing after them like a idiot lol.That soon warmed me up.
Anyway till next time take care & thanks for looking
Lexie,Pauly,Kath,Shell & Me

Kath & Shell

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another 3
these 3 LO's l done at scraphappy kats classes that kathy holds at seymour on Friday nights.
The 2 bug LO's are of my neices boy Cody,great pics they are.
The butterfly LO is of my daughter Chey with her new hair do,she went from plantium blonde to dark brown,brown suits her heaps better.
Thanks for looking
Cass xo

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another one....
This LO is for Debs July sketch challenge at the Challenge Chics.
Just love this pic of my bro & my puppy.
I am kinda loving these sketches & atc even though l haven't been doing them for that long,good on Pauly for getting me a little motivated.
Thanks for looking

Monday, July 20, 2009

Woohoooooo got it done.
I got this LO done for the july sketch challenge at scraphappykats.had so much fun doing it.l seem to have a little mojo when l have something to go of.
Thanks Kath for the challenge.
Done somemore LO's but have to wait for daylight to take pics.l then will post them.
Oh l also won the blog candy at Lisa's( so l was really excited about that.
Weekend was pretty full on,spent all saturday in melbourne & sunday was a pj & scrap day,have to luv that.
Thanks for looking

Friday, July 17, 2009


Wooohhhoooooo finally finished.Theme is Music.These little atc are very time consuming,well they are with me as l stress so much,l am always afraid they are not very good,but l do enjoy doing them all the same.
Thanks for looking
Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not having much luck.
My LO's that l am posting are back to front,all mixed up. glad they aint upside down lol
Heres 2 more LO's that l done at kathies.
Thanks for looking
Cass xo
Another LO of Mum & Al welding

LO of Mum & Al welding the tyre racks for RPM at the new shed,
Cheap Labor lol(Family Rates )

Hi There,
Wow finally posted some LO's & l am that tired l forgot to do a description of them lol.ummmm silly me. These LO's were done at kathies, Pauly & l try & get there every 2nd Friday night.
The LO of the male is Alan,my Mums partner & this suited him as we put the word kind embellishment on there & thats what Al is through & through.The other 2 LO's are of dear Ada,a lady that visited us at work quite regulary & we all got attached to her over the years, Ada passed away not so long ago & l really needed to do some LO's of her.She was gorgeous.
Nearly done my music atc so will post them within the next few days,they still stress me lol.
The wheather has been absolutely cold as cold & we must have some snow on buller as gee weve got some tourists calling through.Works been pretty constant.
Another night Paul & l done at the gym,ummm its getting easier each time,l enjoy it heaps,we both look forward to going so thats a good thing.
13 more weeks to go & Cheys of to Kuala Lumpur with the school, lucky girl. I want a holiday too.
Dillon sold his motorbike the other day so now has enough money to buy his 1st car,scarrrryyyyyy think l would perfer he kept his bike lol.Kids they grow up to quick.
Hopefully l will get to do some scrapping with Pauly over the weekend as Saturday we are of to Geelong to get Pauls motorbike so l think Sat night will be out of the question, fair drive down to there, oh & we calling in to the ppl we brought our staffy bitch of to show them her.
Anyway enough rambling on for now, thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hey there,

The LO's l just posted up were from scraphappy kats lesson nights,l just added my own personal touch to them,sure enjoyed doing them.
Pauly & l didnt go to seymour Fri just gone but think we heading over this fri night...wohooo.
Didnt get any scrapping done on Sat night as Pauly & had went to lil titch's 21st & took pics for her so we didnt get back to Paulys house till 10.15,Pauly started on her collage & l done a layout also from kathys.That was it but......Um does somebody,anybody no where my mojo has gone....l want it backkkkkkkkk.
Had to get my kids from Bonnie doon at about 11.45 as they went to a friends 16th party, so l guess didnt have a real lot of time.They had a ball.
Went & got trailer load of wood today,quickest load of wood we've ever done so that was pretty good..we can keep warmer for a bit longer now....
ummmm 1 week of the holidays left...Think lve only got craig home for the remaining week as Cheys of to Melb & Dillon well he just never comes home...
Anyway might go & make a start on my winter atc.
Take care & thanks for stopping by
Cass xo
LO of chey when she was only 9 days old........
ohhhh how sweet

LO of our home we purchased ,,um its nearly that
grassy & green again to.
LO of my gorgeous Cody,he is such a beautiful boy.

LO of Chey on her 1st birthday.l showed this to
her & she went oh mum how could you do that to me,
(wearing that lacey hat),um l wonder why l did lol.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Heres Amber our staffy pup,she is totally full on.
l recon she has addd(Attention defecit dog disorder)
but she is also very cuddly......everynight she hops
on the bed cuddled right up to Paul.
This is Buddy.he is a character.
Check him out sprawled out on the back seat of the car .

Luv this pic of Paul & Busta(shouldve rotated it before l put it on here,
only just realized its the wrong way).
Busta is a true gentleman & a real chatter box to ,
he got bitten last year by a brown snake & lost so much
of his personality,we thought he'd never get it back,but he
is slowly getting back to his normal self,thank goodness.

pic of dillon having a nap& my mum thinking gee that looks cosy.
so she joined him.
Pic of my niece ray & nephew Coby.
They came out to home to have cake for dillons birthday.

Um Mum at it again.She was welding up Robs tyre racks.
She done a welding course few weeks back as she wants to make some things that
obviously involve welding,She is a goer.

Pic of mum & Al welding together.
Nothing like sharing the same hobbies lol.

Hello there,
Here are my atc(nearly finished) for the family & friends swap for the month of july.the theme was forest & woodland critters.Dont no what Pauly has got me in for now as l have signed up 2 do the atc swap at debs & another swap with the lovely kathy from scraphappykat,there is only four of us in that one,phew.
Will put up some LO's in the next few days,just waiting for some sunny days 2 take some pics of them.It has been real winter wheather,the rain is awesome,its filling both our dams & both our tanks & the lil bit of garden & trees we have is lapping the rain up.We dont have alot snow on Buller so thats not a real good thing as we rely on that for the dollars to come into the town,think my eldest boy has done all of 5 shifts fitting chains in 4 weeks(not good).
So glad it is the weekend.............gee l luv weekends.
Anyway might go & try to attempt some scrapping.Till next time stay safe & have fun,
Thanks for stopping by