Saturday, October 23, 2010

IT'S SOLD.............
yay l sold my bike, phew thank goodness l wasnt stuck with that 4 to long & we lost out on a cple of hundred bucks, but oh well...Now time to shop around & see whats going to suit me.....may have to save more money will just see whats around......gee l really would luv to finish pool & spa area of & put in sliding doors out to the front verandah.....ummmm thats very tempting to do that instead of a bike...
My new jobs going great.......luv it. we have been flat out, l cant believe it, its crazy..
Paul went to Canberra with a cpl of mates to watch the mx so he is back early hrs in the morn, we r off to either Shepp or Westfield shopping ctre, our phones are out of contract & we are getting the new i phone 4 but gee they r hard to they are our two options, but since it will be me driving l think l will aim for Shepp...Home alone tonight & l recon l am not far out of bed.Havent done any scrapping for so long...
Got the hens night next Sat, so looking forward to going out with the girls....
Ummmm going to take me awhile to recover l can guarentee you..
Pauls shoulders still sore as sore, lm just hoping he hasnt put it back out, xray this week coming so hopefully we will find out whats going on..
3 more weekends till the wedding & the honeymoon............cant wait.
My girlfriends coming up from warragul next weekend & we r going to do a few hair trails, as l really have no idea lol.
Paul & l are heading of to Willowlake during the week with the ppl that are doing pics so we can do a mock wedding shoot, the garden is looking awesome & theres water in the lake behind the restaurant now, so more photo oppurtunities..
Anyway lm of to bed. have a great week.
Craig at skatepar
Paul cooking damper

dylan & maddy roasting marshmallows

jack cooking his marshmallows

ari,chey & gem

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thought l would post some pics of the group that are heading of on their travels around Aussie, lucky lucky people, gee it was great working with these 4 @ Ski Centre....
Couple of pics of me with Gerry & chey & Tori.....Gerry & Tori came down 4 the weekend from Casterton to watch her bro race his boat @ nillahcootie & a cple of girls that rode out asked if l wanted to ride but l had chey who wanted to see Tori so we drove instead plus l aint confident on bike.We spent the whole day out there, it was a good day...
Well on the job front l am no longer at Tomota farm as 1st week in l got a call of Alpine Civil where l had previously applied for a job few months back to ask if ld like a full time receptionist/admin job.....well this lil chick clicked her heels & said yipppppeee....I started last monday & its awesome....l look after all the garden supplies side of it & all the maintenance on the civil side, Somebody answered my prayers....Ummm l dont get to keep my winter job though as they want me all year around, but thats ok cause money is good....May go back & do weekends over winter but will just see if we need or want anything & need to save for it then l will do weekends...
On a downer my other half dislocated his shoulder last week & we spent the arvo in the hospital.....4 attempts later & basically knocking him out to get it back in......he is out of work anywhere from 3 weeks till next Jan it depends on the healing of it & wont no anything till next lot of xrays...lucky we have disability insurances for car & hm, but he will go stir crazy sitting hm......l hope he is not in a sling 4 wedding as we only have 4 weeks till the big day then we are of on our honeymoon...that may be a bit limited as to what we can do....oh well will just wait & see.
Still looking forward to it all the same...
Anyway best go & think of tea & l am going to attempt some scrapping after that.
Gerry & Me

Chey & tori
Lucy,Tew,Bonn & Kate
heading of on their big adventure

Farewll to SCM.....They are driving around Aussie.....lucky lucky

Monday, October 4, 2010

Its been forever........
Feels like its been forever since ive posted no scrapping to show as yet.
Well the winter job has finished & the new summer one has started....Its not to bad of a job....The picking of tomatoes is good as uve got your own rows to pick, so u chuck ya ipod on & of u go, its kinda like time out lol.....The packing is fun & theres about 10 of us that do that...The pay rate goes of how much uve picked & packed..start of the morning u get ya beeper thingy & log in then u beep all ya work & breaks & when uve done u log out.....all goes thru computer system ready 4 the pay week.....Its not bad at all....Been doing earlys then knocking of at 1 pm so thats good...
Caught up with my girlfriend from Casterton on Sunday, went out to nillahcootie as they had the boat races on, so spent the day with her....Paul went out camping with a group of ppl & l stayed hm as l had to get chey from work & do all that stuff...
ummmm only 6 weeks to go till the big day & wooohooooo a holiday....looking forward to that..
Bloody snakes are out already.....seen to big browns down from hm on the road....grrrrr.
Having my hens night on the 30th oct at the pub, theres a band so tea & a few drinks.....should be good..
Got my bike 4 sale again.....Took it 4 a ride on the weekend & l just cant do it...lm to tiny..damn it as l luv it, but l want to be safe....think l will see what l can buy for around 11 grand & do pool & spa with rest of the money as thats been on hold 4 awhile...
Anyway best get moving
Doona,Me,Tew,Lucy,Bon & Kate....

The counter chicks with the 2 bosses

here we all are, well most of us...there was about 10 missing lol

Chey & Kirby...Meg & Rhys

My lil nephews 1st birthday