Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some pics to share....
Had my hens night last Sat night.....ummm what a blast, was a very good night although l feel im still recovering a week later,
Paul took me up to the goughs bay lookout last Sunday, the water is amazing.going to be a fantastic summer..
Havent scrapped in forever....been busy working flatout & looking after the household as Pauls still at home with a buggered shoulder....he has to have a ultrasound & mri as they think he may have pulled the muscle of his rotorcuff & tendons of his sub scap...ummm surgery that means if he has & another 8 weeks of work.....damn l hate seeing him in pain its horrible.
Work is great, luving it....
Only 2 weeks to go now till the big day.....getting closer.we went out to willowlake on cup day & done a few photo shoots, that was fun...
Anyway best go
Paul & l at willowlake

Paul & l up at the lookout @ goughs bay

hens night

the girls

the hen